Teaching Your Dog

Teaching Your Dog

Teaching Your Dog

Teaching Your Dog

Teaching Your Dog a Trick or Two

Once your dog has learned one basic command like sit, stay, or lie down, you can move on to a few tricks that he can learn. There are fun things you can teach your dog that will entertain him and you. Teaching your dog a trick can be a lot of fun.


What a dog can learn:


• Canine coaching involves praise and reward.


• We call this type of coaching ‘paper training’.


• This means that you train your dog to touch a certain object or tool and then allow him to go back to his normal routine.


• We call this type of coaching ‘ telescoping’.


• Your dog is expected to touch a verbal command or ‘hot Fix’ but is asked to do it in an out of the ordinary way.


Hot Fix Training


A hot fix is a verbal command which is both understood by your dog and applied correctly. There are many varieties of popularly used commands such as ‘sit down’, ‘come’, or ‘oos paper’. It is important to be consistent in using your hot fix command each and every time. If you are teaching your dog a hot fix, it would be ideal to select a command which is not too complicated. A hot fix is not an instant fix and will need to be built upon over time. The hot fix is simply a way to get your dog to engage on your command without needing a clicker or any other type of behaviorallet.


In your dog training, if you select a command and intention to teach it using a hot fix each time, ‘hot fix training’ should be considered as a preferred type of teaching as opposed to traditional teaching.Hot fixed training, is a Spin rent program that enables you to hire a professional trainer to work with your dog on a 24 hour basis. The expert will provide you with an expert analysis of your dog’s behavior and coaching plan. Hot fixed training is on a 24 hour basis and the trainer will also accompany you at home with your dog. This type of coaching is by far the most popular coaching identified with current day trainers.

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The trainer will work from within the context of your dog’s behavior. He will look at how you and your family conduct themselves as well as the physical environment of your dog. He will coach your dog in a way that puts you at ease with making quick responses to certain commands. This is very important, because it is how dogs learn and as individuals, the way you train your dog should reflect some of your routines. It is important to have a good hot fix plan together, because it is the actual way that you want to deal with your dog. There are good chances that the dog also thinks along similar lines, and this will help you understand your dog’s thought processes.


One of the main goals of hot fixed training is to improve the relationship between you and your dog. You will notice that once your dog has finished making a response to a command, it will be willing and eager to work to earn the reward. Conversely, if you do not make a way for your dog to earn the reward, your pet may refuse to respond at all.


hots fix training has so many benefits, and it will be a boost to your coaching that you are using. You will be able to explore new avenues for your dog’s cooperation and to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Teaching Your Dog