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Information Security



For every organization information is the most vital part. Now a day the most challenging job for every organization is Information Security. When we say Information Security it means Information Security in Internet.


Now a day’s productivity improvements and competitiveness are being driven by the networked enterprise organizations connecting up, communicating and doing business in real time with customers, partners and suppliers wherever they are located. But at the same time, today’s business environment is also characterized by risk and uncertainty. Customers, shareholders and partners are understandably placing a premium on businesses that are secure and protected. Every organization has to cope up with daily threats such as virus attacks, basic human errors and security policy enforcement. Security should be designed to minimize and control the impact of human errors, harness the power of leading products and technologies but must also be carefully crafted, integrated and underpinned by rigorous procedures.


An effective corporate security strategy will be judged on well it protects the value generating assets of one’s organization. Including people, information, processes, technology, systems, networks and buildings enterprises need to accept wide policy and procedure changes to accommodate the reality of today’s dynamic threats. Despite that, every now and then, it is easy to fall into the wrong hands; so let’s begin by discussing the perspective of someone who travels by checking the Made For Comuter Pentest – Small Biz Vs Big Business.


For this demonstration we will focus on small airline operations in the heart of major cities. The Pentest will be conducted in two phases. In the first stage we will perform essential security functions essential for the safety of the people, systems and networks. This will include, but not limit to, network penetration testing & security audit, system analysis & threat detection. In the second phase the delegation of control will be tested, and failure modes will be identified and addressed.


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The Pentest will commission a number of security experts to carry on an audit of the organization in question. The experts will, as part of the service,Ro.Steph,Remote Access,Viruses, and even some hardware. Some known services includeBBQHDWiFiAVonair.


BBQHDWiFiAVonair is a business class offering for business networks. It is designed for use by IT administrators whoneed a remotely manageable architecture.


Viruses are designed to attack or infect the system without permission or knowledge. The viruses destroy or prevent legitimate use of the resources of the infected system.


When the system is infected by a virus it can be damaged by later executing it. Virus can even scramble data packets that are sent between Pther applications and the network.


How to Scan for Viruses?


a)Scans at the network,


b)Ports for services

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These are some of the utilities that viruses like to use to infect the system.


o GetW32.Win32.ProRat.iwv


o Kooiker.A


o Kooiker_LQC


o Kooiker_W32.Win32.ProRat.iwv


o Spybot Search & Destroy


o Ad-Aware SE 6 Personal


o Spybot Search & Destroy


o Ad-Aware Personal


Let’s start by determining whether your computer is infected by a virus. If you use Outlook Express or Outlook, both of you, if you use the Generic Communication Tool or a Desktop Environment, you should scan your computer using either of these applications to search for any viruses currently infecting your computer. You can also do a manual scan by going to the Add/Remove Programs area in the control panel and simply searching for “Virus X”.


If you do not have either of these tools then you can try a virus removal tool. Many times these tools are free and are as good as the paid ones. They scan your computer and eliminate any viruses currently infecting it. You should only encounter a virus for which you have a removal tool on your computer.


Now when you have determined that your computer is infected by a virus you need to decide if you want to remove it now or should you wait? You will want to remove it now because it is causing you no end of trouble. If you leave it on your computer you may notice that eventually it causes a system crash which can possibly destroy your computer and/or make it vulnerable to other threats.

Information Security